Sunday, February 24, 2013

Marathon cards

Hi everyone:
Well, it's Sunday here and that means a day for me to relax and try to get some creating done :)  I did some things yesterday because the weather was horrible, but it was mainly brainstorming.  I have been thinking of ways to get my card business started up and after speaking with our marketing guru at the office, have come up with some great ideas.  I'm going to start off with getting specialty cards out to certain types of stores, i.e. bridal shops, running stores, baby boutiques  etc.  The first one I wanted to try is the running stores because Jim has run in 7 marathons and I do remember him getting cards wishing him luck and then sending him congratulations after finishing, so am trying that first.  I didn't, however, figure it would be so difficult to come up with something.  I found in my cricut stash the "sports mania" cartridge, which includes runners so off I went :)  This is a very simple card, but at least it's a way to start.  I feel it is missing something, but if I hear back from the store I send these to, will work on more creative ones.  What do you think?  Give me your ideas please.

I'm sorry for the poor photography, but I'm trying a new editing program and I'm not getting that touchy feely good feeling for it, so may go back to the one I have been using.




  1. Hi Janet

    Do you have any striped paper, maybe striped in blue, red, white to put on the bottom part of the card which would give it a bit of colour and depth - just a thought

    K x

  2. Cool cards, Janet! I'm so glad you linked your blog up to the Moxie Fab World Blogroll. It will be great to stop by and say "hello" from time to time! :)


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